About Morazán

Department of Morazán, a place inhabited by Lenca indigenous before the Spanish conquest. In the Cave of the Holy Spirit still retain traces of the presence of so-called Paleo-Indians, the first settlers of El Salvador this cave is an archaeological site with prehistoric paintings.

Morazán is a department of El Salvador located in the east. Bordered on the north with the Republic of Honduras, on the south and west by the department of San Miguel, and South and East with the province of La Union. Its provincial capital is San Francisco Gotera. Morazán comprises an area of 1,447 km ² and has a population of 181,285 inhabitants. The apartment is located in the northeastern part of El Salvador.

Morazán is located at an altitude of between 500 and 1,000 meters above sea level and has a relatively rugged topography. Among the most important elevations are the Cerro El Pericón, near the border with Honduras, and Cerro Cacahuatique.